Luk’s Time Series

Guest designer – Uncle Six

A tourbillon watch merge with the stock market

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In the media exposure, like TV and radio, Uncle Six’s name is on everyone’s lip. He should be a dominant character in the Hong Kong equity market because of his unique prediction for the market. Nevertheless, this image is only a part of him. In this time, he firstly steps into the field of horology. In an occasion, he met with the Memorigin’s director – Mr. Shum Mak Ling. They shared with the same mind that lead to develop a special cross-field project – inviting Uncle Six as guest designer for a tourbillon watch, merging the timepiece designing and equity market together. Under the Uncle Six’s designing on the tourbillon, this complicate timepiece in horology is redefined.

To talk about the knowledge of watch collection, Uncle Six is experienced who has his own idea and definition on the beauty. Also, being as an experienced insider in the equity market, his masterpiece – Luk’s Time Series contains a rich element of the financial market. The concept of Bull Market is visualized on the watch design. The bull skeletal sculpture on the dial as the mascot becomes the main highlight of the watch expressing his best wish – economic boom. The bull skeletal sculpture covers the rotating tourbillon which seems to let the entire watch come to life. Especially, at the 12 o’clock position, the symbol of upward arrow doesn’t just represent the indexes for time-reading, but it is also a signal of increasing financial index, matching with the look-up bull eye on the bull skeletal sculpture. During the design process, Uncle Six got inspired. Similar to life cycle, tourbillon is rotating at the center after several times of spinning. Back to the start, everything remains same. Although the Bull market is not yet coming, stay strong and wait for the chance. Once it comes, grasp the chance.

Despite of a rich concept on the design, the craftsmanship is important. Memorigin takes an important role to finish the whole project. Under several times of tuning, scaling and the physical testing, spending 77-step polishing procedure, 6-month production and 18 different materials, a tourbillon watch, designed by Uncle Six, is born. Memorigin specially prepares a tourbillon movement for this watch collection. Apart from a power reserve of up to 40 hours, it also features a co-axial tourbillon at 6 o’clock that oscillates at 28,800 oscillations per hour, ensuring precision and an appealing design. Perhaps, you may think the selection of green coloured alligator strap which is based on the preference of Uncle Six. However, it includes a blessing which everyone can catch every investment opportunity in a bull market, grasping every peak of bull market in life. (Note: The colour of indicating increasing index is green in the Hong Kong financial market.). From the details, you can see how his detail minded is.

“My dream comes true that I can launch my first watch collection. Not only do I enjoy the process on the design, but I can also generate the charity effect by the watch. For the first 100 pieces of Luk’s Time Series, I will donate the patient fee – HKD300,000 to the Lifeline Express Hong Kong Foundation. If another collection do I design in the future, the number of donation will keep increasing. To be a wise investor, vision and prediction is import. To let your eyes stay healthy, it is more important to everything. I hope my little effort that can help the people suffering from “Cataract”. That’s why I fully support the Lifeline Express Hong Kong Foundation to help those poverties suffering eye-illness.” Uncle Six expressed his feeling after finishing his first watch collection.

“Time is extremely important in our life.  Time is precious especially for the sick patients.  Children born with cataract or who develop cataract in early life can have their sight restored through a simple operation.  It is a race against time to help them before it is too late.”  Quote from Prof. Frederick Ma, Vice Chairman of Lifeline Express Hong Kong Foundation.  “I would like to thank Mr. Chan Wing Luk and Memorigin for their tremendous support to Lifeline Express hospital eye train for providing free operations to the underprivileged blind patients living in the remote areas of Mainland China.  Their generosity will not only help them regain their sights but also give them a new life.”

After this project, we can see Uncle Six’s talent in design. Even more, his will of contributing to society is appreciated.


Cow 2

Match No.: MO 0719
Watch diameter: approx.43mm
At least 155 pieces of subassembly module and18 jewels
Frequency: 28,800 Oscillation/Hour
The balance wheel and the escapement system encircle the center of balance wheel
The tourbillon located at 6 o’clock rotate at a speed of 60s for one circle
Flying tourbillon
40 hours power reserve
Bull modeling skeletal dial
29pcs of diamonds (Diameter: 0.7mm) embedded as index on 12 o’clock position
“Arrow” shape mean increasing stock price
10pcs of diamonds (Diameter: 1.4mm) embedded on the dial as the indexes
Dark green alligator strap
Both sides sapphire crystal

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