2019 Summer and Spring Fashion

2019 summer is coming. This season, Athleisure and botanical patterns is being popular. Based on the popular elements, ISA had some suggestions on the most popular fashion products for you.

With an elegantly cut Zegna khaki blazer with a basic white shirt, and a dark blue vest for the interval, which is gentler and more elegant. This mix and match will not being too formal or too complicated which is suitable on work or hang out. In addition to clothing matching, wearing a luxury watch has a major impact on the image of men. Versace watch, made in Swiss, is specially selected for this time. In addition to the multi-function, the classic dial design is decent and elegant

Flowing pattern dress is prefect for the summer. Birds are flying in the jungle which is printed in red on the Max Mara's dress. The bright red color brings a touch to the summer. It is recommended to wear Phillip Lim's beige coat to neutralize the red color of the whole body. The details of the jacket are meticulous, which is bring the feeling of noble and elegant.

In addition to the gentle light color matching, you can also try a more playful style in this summer. This year's popular item is a hat, in addition to blocking the sun in the summer, it is the main point to upgrade your matching. The main point of this matching is the combination of cool and warm colors. The dark green jacket is matched with the eye-catching orange Prada diagonal cross-bag. The collision of deep and bright colors brings an eye-catching visual impact, which is not too heavy or too exaggerated. The lower body is paired with Paul & Shark's simple white shorts, giving a stylish and casual feel.

The Max Mara plant-patterned vest dress, with pink and green plant lines, is elegant and generous. In details, each side is stitched with Z-line and having waist and special skirt design. Only dress it can match with a delicate light-colored watch which can make it not being too simple. If you want to take a casual style, you can mix with a light blue V-neck shirt with exquisite workmanship. The blue color contrasted with pink, and the overall color is more consistent. It also covered the vest design of the dress. The temperament is sexy and created a sense of spring and summer fashion.