Probably the warmest down coat in the world


You can see a lot of people wear clothes with the logo, eye-catching red, white and blue circular logo with a map of the Arctic in the center, walk on the different cold district in the world. That is Canada Goose what is called the warmest down coat in the world. Their clothes mostly focus on useful functionality while also fashion design.

The core brand value is making you never feel cold when your wear Canada Goose coat. According to Dani Reiss, the president of Canada Goose, “Our coats with its high loft factor, breathable membranes, and moisture wicking— were tested to keep a person who is standing still comfortable, indefinitely, at minus 30°C and beyond. “It seems that people can be confident with its qualities and the power of conquering the extreme weather.

The History of Canada Goose

Founded in a small warehouse in Toronto since 1957’s and has grown into a high-quality winter coat brand all over the world nowadays. It was beginning with “Metro Sportswear Ltd” by Sam Tick. After David Reiss, Sam Tick’s son-in-law, invent the volume-based down filling machine. He renamed the company as Snow Goose, which later becomes Canada Goose since a European competitor also called “Snow Goose”.


Material and manufactory


David Reiss’ son, Dani Reiss, is the people who made Canada Goose become the leading winter coats nowadays. There was a trend on the move the factory to lower labour cost countries on the 2000’s, but he decided on all of the coats only made in Canada. Also, he insists on using natural materials, which is including coyote fur trims and down filling to keep you warm over the extreme weather. Because of this sophisticated design and the rigorous selection of materials, Canada Goose winter coat becomes warm where you need it.


Thermal Experience Index (TEI)

Canada Goose developed the Thermal Experience Index (TEI) to help you find the warmth you want for the experience you seek. They designed a five-point system to satisfy different user needs and wants. 1 is a model that lightweight jacket for active pursuits and 5 being coats for the coldest places on earth that pass the field-tested parka. Within this system, you can make a right selection for what you want.


5°C / -5°C


0°C / -15°C


-10°C / -20°C


-15°C / -25°C


-30°C +