Chinese New Year & Valentine Day

Chinese New Year (CNY) is an essential Chinese holiday in traditional. There is a habit of wearing new clothes and shoes in the Lunar New Year Festival. It is better to dress in red since it means something good will happen in the coming year. If you think hard to carry red colour, let’s wear a single red product to embellished on the body to celebrate the new year.


The Valentines’ day is very nearby the CNY this year, ISA specially selected couple’s products for you and your lover to become fashion and chill in this sweet February.

A simple red hoodie or sweater is always a good choice for couple wearing. The black colour mix and match with the red colour have created a sharp image and easy to match with a fashion look. The words or symbol in the sweater can be implicit to expresses the warmth between lovers. For the lower body, you can wear denim jeans with your lover.

Moschino black couple hoodies have a giant logo in the middle of clothes, with the exquisite craft. Handsome boy and beautiful girl walk on the street with couple wear that is the envy of people.



Athleisure culture becomes a trend nowadays. The backpack is one of the necessary items to compose this culture. The brand MCM have different size and colour that make you easier to choose couple backpack. Wearing a backpack to pay new year call can bring the candy to the relative’s children. In this spring, we suggest you pick blue and pink as the couple backpack’s colour since it can inject a little youthful atmosphere into your look. The backpack has a large capacity and multi-layer interval which is convenient for you to get more red pocket into the bag.

Male wearing the simple style of a blue backpack in the regular size. Female wearing the pink style pink backpack in the mini size. There are a classic MCM logo pattern and the medal with a specific number on the bag. It is lovely by wearing the couple backpack on the valentine’s day dating.


Chinese will go many family or friend’s homes to pay a New Year call in Lunar New Year Festival which means it may walk over million steps per day. A comfortable and fashion shoe is crucial for you. The hot item Valentino white sneaker can fulfil your wish which has different colour and material. During CNY, it is better to choose the colour in red or gold. These two colours are very eye-catching but will not be too bright. The simple design has added the weave belt as a detail of the strap position. It makes it comfortable to wear and more convenient to take off your shoes at other people's homes.

Valentino’s sneaker with a high platform can extend the leg line. The simple design shows the elegant vogue way and allows you to become “has legs for miles” couple.



Apart from the clothes, you may want to have a couple of accessories with your lover that allows you two to wear them everyday and everywhere. A watch will become a good choice for you. A pair of simple and elegant couple watch can wear in any place that makes you feel your love belongs with you. Time is the only thing in the world that you can’t recover if you miss it. You are wearing couple watch just like he is using his own time to accompany with the only you. Let the watch to witness your love forever, like day and night always attend you and your lover.

You are wearing the same design of Ernest Borel’s watch by holding her hand on the street. The watch just like your lover’s that belong together and can record all the treasure moment between you two.


You don’t want to show off your love in a lofty tone, but you would like to have a couple of items with the lover. We suggest you choose the same collection perfume as your couple secret. If you can't meet each other, you can solve the problem of lovesickness by smelling a similar fresh fragrance. The same aroma is pulling you two closer and increasing the intimacy.


Prada perfume set which the favourite perfume set, with the beautiful silver and pink colour on the packing. It has golden floral candy pattern on the girl set and silver robot pattern on the men set. Choose a perfume set that exudes a hormonal charm, to shift his heartstrings with fragrance.