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Winter is imminent. It’s time to buy a classic fashion coat to consequence winter. You should buy a coat that will guide you through every level of the freeze. It will become the essential outerwear in winter since you cannot change it frequently. You can use limited clothes to match a more wonderful outfit. Then the question you may ask is– How to choose a simple and qualitative coat? ISA gives some ideas to you that everyone should know how to choose. Let’s check it out.


Laying is the essential skills to make an elegant or cool style. You should choose a coat that enables you to show the advantage of the body. A tall girl has the advantage of height that will be easier to carry different size and style of coat. However, that’s not mean the short physical stature girl cannot handle it. One thing to affect the whole outfit is the length of the coat. Let’s see the tips below to learn how to choose a suitable coat for this winter.

Short Coat

Short coat means the length is only to the waist that shows your killer legs. However, don’t choose this coat if you are not the confidence of your thigh and bootie. For the innerwear, you can choose neither short or long dress. The main point is to select the fit-size items to avoid looks plump. If you don’t have time to match, just dress up with a regular top with skinny jeans and boots.



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Medium Coat



The length of the long section is better to choose about 20CM from the knee. It can cover the thick part of the thigh and is most comfortable to match with any physical stature of women. If you are new to matching, this coat is easy for you to handle. Generous and simple design makes not too much limitation of inner clothes. The main point is you need to show your delicate calves. It is wise to go out with this medium coat, no matter of skinny jeans or short dress with legging, which can be matched with any style that is showing all your attitude were naturally grand and majestically.



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Long Coat



Many people think that only girls with a height of 170 or more can choose the long coat. It is not the truth. If you are not tall enough, be careful to select the length, remember should be above the ankles. Reveal the delicate ankles and don’t choose the oversize style. Whether there is a problem with height or not, it is recommended to select the innerwear with a high waistline. It can make the proportion better and looks thinner and more coordinated. Then wear the long coat outside will make you feel like a supermodel. Another way is adding a hat and a high-heels. It helps you looks in a good proportion as raising the height of the upper and lower body.