Gentle Monster x Fendi Sunglasses

As the popular of South Korean culture has been flooding other countries, the luxury brand FENDI have aware the Korea fashion. Fendi have crossover with Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster in May to release the new sunglasses series "GENTLE FENDI". It has release two fashionable and avant-garde sunglasses, which made many stars or fashion celebrities crazy on buying it.

“Gentle Fendi No.1” is make by metal and acetate with a slender cat spectacle lens. The special feature is that two brands of logos are printed on the left and right sides of the lens, and match with bold colors. The contrast color mix with logo have made innovative visual effect and eye-catching.














The picture shows the Korea star LeeSungKyung and Jisoo

"Gentle Fendi No. 2" is a metal sunglass with a fine structure and a rounded lens. The feature is the combination of metallic lenses in bright colors between the frames. It’s let people feel the breath of spring and summer.

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