Mix and Match

Color Revolution

Not only Black and White

With no doubt, people love to wear black and white in the fall-winter season. They gravitate to black and white because they aren't exactly sure how to style a bunch of different colors. Hey, your world should be filled in different colors. Let’s see how to master color mixing and create your new look in this fall-winter.





Red is a bright color that packed with emotion ranging from the celebration on Chinese Lunar New Year and Christmas in Western — representing giving people happiness and joyful feeling. The color red is like maple in autumn, is associated with meanings of passion which shines before fall and attracts attention with its charming colors.

When you wear red color, it will make your face has ruddy and healthy-looking. It looks modern and versatile. Not only the great and generous red dress, but you can also try the street style to take over red color. In 2018, the street style blew up the world and became a pop culture phenomenon in the world nowadays.



KENZO Red LOGO-Sweater | MCQ Denims Wide-leg pants

This outfit is to choose red sweater/hoodies with big logo or pattern. The logo/pattern will become the highlight of your outfit to avoid the tired feeling. You can completely transform a pair of jeans with the style of patchwork or ripped. Better tuck in your shirt if it is too long, it makes you look a little bit taller. If you want looks chic, match with the sneakers and fanny pack.





Pink has always given people a sweet feeling, but also a little childish. Using pink items can slow down the pushy qualities and increase the girly atmosphere. It also brings a breath of fresh air in this gloomy autumn and winter.

However, it is not suitable to use the shocking pink which may make people feel too childish. If you are the freshman of mix & match, we suggest you begin with a pale pink and better to mix with pastel color. It can reduce error and bring people the feeling of simple and elegant.


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Love Moschino Sweater | VERSACE Denims Pants | ARMANI Coat

Using pastel color as the main body which is more consistent. Since simple clothes are more likely to look elegant. It recommended wearing a pink sweater, with a solid color or small pattern, as the main clothes inside. The lower body can put on skinny jeans or harem pants. Put on high heel and grey coach to increase the feeling of the whole package. Design approach which is clinging to trends and down-to-earth, it is suitable regardless of casual date or business meeting.





Orange is the color of bright and dazzling and which it promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy. Regardless of the primary color of clothes or accessories, it can highlight your outfit. The rule is not to use orange as the single color appears on the entitled look. Too much orange causes aggression and fierceness and will make people afraid to talk with you. Different from the color I described before, this color is more suitable for dark skin people. It is enabling ladies to highlight their respective unique styles and personalities.

Many people think orange is not the most comfortable color to wear as it can be quite bright and overpowering. However, there are a lot of fabulous ways to wear orange in all kinds of color combinations, such as blue, olive and camouflage.



HYDROGEN Hoodies | HYDROGEN Sports Pants | DUVETICA Down Vest

It looks cool by using a set of camouflage tops and pants as the inner wear, matched with a bright orange down vest. As the clothes are loose, you can base on the temperature to wear neither two or more layers of thermal underwear inside. The shoe is better to choose an orange or apricot color. Neither boots or high hell will become an excellent choice to color your fall-winter outfit.





Yellow is the emperor's color in Dynasties of Ancient China, a symbolic color of elegance and prestige. Yellow is an eye-catching color which enables people to become outstanding. Regardless of you or me have dominant temperament while wearing yellow as the primary color tone.

Yellow, the color of sunshine, is suitable for all skin color. It is associated with energy and optimism. Any accessories will become eye-catching by yellow color. If you want to look good together, it can try the purple color, the contrast color of yellow, as the mix and match. If you are not good at dress up, you can try to match with black, white or grey.



BURBERRY Classic Plaid one-piece | GIVENCHY LeatherJacket

The pattern of plaid is the long-lasting pattern on fall winter and become a trend this year again. Use the slim fit yellow plaid one-piece match with a cool biker jacket. It can show off your firm abdominal muscles and make you look taller. If you can’t stand the cold, you can add a black legging with an ankle boot. It is enabling you to look charisma and chic.