Hot fashion metal frame sunglasses

Different from the past, this year's major trends have changed to wear colored metal frame sunglasses to create a summer look with individuality. Many brands introduce metal frames with brightly colored lenses, different shapes emphasizing the shape lines. The transparent color lenses allow you show the bright eyes and resist the damage of the sun. A good colored metal frame sunglasses are suitable for you go beach to have fun or as a daily accessory.




The rose gold-tone metal frame is geometrically designed as the outer frame, highlighting the round shape of the lens. With red lenses like raspberries, shining in the hot summer.



Citron Yellow Octagonal Sunglasses

A citron yellow lens shines in the sun in the summer. There is an octagonal metal frame, with an amber nylon frame at the end. The linear flow and modern style are elegant and romantic.



Jimmy Choo

Azure Sunglasses

Rare Azure lens with geometric streamlined frame line. Designed with a square silver metal frame and characterise by its distinctive and desirable statement shape. Those details design are describing perfect interpretation of multiple levels of charm and fashion.