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The century-old British perfume brand Penhaligon's portraits collection is a story of a British high-class family.

The whole story revolves around nobility, revenge, sex and desire. Each bottle of perfume represents a British aristocratic character. There are different animal portraits on the top of the perfume bottle. Each one is made with extremely rare natural ingredients and the fragrance is unique.

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The Tragedy of Lord George

is representing a wealthy and respected man named Lord George. His fragrance reflects his essence which is using Brandy as the headnotes and mixed with the classic shaving soap and Tonka bean.  This fragrance seems to show the noblest values of the aristocracy: virtue, respect, loyalty and faithfulness.

The Coveted Duchess Rose

is representing Duchess of pleasure and seduction. The fragrance is using Mandarin as the headnote with rose and musky wood. The scents are the pure sense with the sexy smell of musk. Just like the French woman who is elegant in the morning and sexy at night.

Odoo • Text and Image

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